Carys Panelbeating has been operating from the same premises on Bondi Rd since 1955 and is recognised by all leading insurance companies. We are a licensed and fully qualified repair facility and are approved by GUILD insurance to help you with any motor vehicle claim lodged. If you are insured with GUILD or have been involved in an accident with another party insured with GUILD, we can help lodge your claim, provide information and offer professional advice to speed your claim and the repair of your damaged motor vehicle.



Having a car accident can be stressful and having to deal with an insurance company can often be just as stressful as the accident itself. The aftershock of an accident means you have to deal with your personal health and wellbeing; the other parties involved in the accident, any police reports, and then the actual damage to your car. Having to lodge a claim and deal with your insurance company can be a daunting task. Insurance companies will take advantage of this and dictate or direct you to one of their own repair facilities, allowing them to handle the claim in a manner which best suits their needs, with little regard to the needs and convenience to you, the actual owner of the car and insurance policy!!


It is your right to choose which repairer you use to conduct the repairs to your damaged motor vehicle. Most importantly, it is your right to have the repairs to your car be conducted by highly trained professionals using the latest technology without cutting corners, maintaining manufacturer’s warranty and in a location and manner most convenient for you and your lifestyle. Don’t be bullied into taking your car to a repair shop that you do not know or is not convenient to your situation. Our smash repair business has been operating in the heart of Bondi for over 60 years with a solid reputation for quality repairs, and personal service. We are experienced and approved to handle all claims with GUILD Insurance and are happy to provide you with a full claim management service; support through the entire repair process; from the lodgement of the claim through to the delivery of your repaired car.

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We can handle all GUILD claim lodgements, paperwork, assessment of your damaged car; authorization of repairs, repairing, painting & return of your car to pre accident condition.


We are a family run business that has been operating in Bondi since 1955. Our longevity in this industry is due to our attention to detail, quality work and the personal service that other repairers cannot deliver


We only use genuine manufacturer approved parts in our repairs. Our tooling and paint system have manufacturer approvals. We only repair to manufacturer guidelines, ensuring your car is returned to you in pre accident condition


Due to our all in one claims management style from lodgement and repair we can streamline the claims process and get your car returned to faster than our competitors


For our not at fault customers we can offer a free replacement vehicle during the time your car is being repaired



  • Minor parking & door dents
  • Genuine part replacement
  • Structural alignment & chassis replacement
  • Cosmetic & full paint work
  • Suspension & wheel alignment
  • Air bag repairs
  • Alloy rim repair
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Paint less dent repairs
  • Insurance claims management
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Car detailing
  • Warranty on all workmanship and parts



All repairs to your car authorized by GUILD insurance are covered by a lifetime guarantee. We have been operating from the same shop on Bondi Rd since 1955. We have built our smash repair business around quality workmanship, personal customer service, honesty and reliability. We stand behind all repairs completed to your Honda motor vehicle and offer a full warranty on all parts and workmanship that we perform on your car. We only use manufacturer approved parts, paint materials and repair techniques to maintain the cosmetic appearance and the structural integrity of your vehicle. We are one of the longest serving smash repair businesses in the eastern suburbs so you can be sure any repairs we perform on your motor vehicle will withstand the test of time.